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Ways to Reduce Stress to Caregivers
Finding Your True Voice
Is Laughter the Best Medicine?
Self-Care During Grief
Grief Support for Self and Loved Ones
In this interview, Margo Rose is talking with grief expert, author and licensed psychologist Dr. Mekel Harris. This show was originally recorded on the Body Aware Grieving podcast and we are sharing this useful information here on the Body Aware Living website and podcast.

Topics covered include:
** Mekel’s favorite ways to feel calmer and think more clearly.

**Ways to deal with pain during grief.

** What Dr. Harris learned working with children and families at a cancer facility.

** How to support family and friends who are experiencing loss and grief.

** Using body language to become a better caregiver

Guest Bio/contact info:

Dr. Mekel Harris is a licensed and practicing psychologist, an associate professor with expertise in Child and Family health issues including grief and loss. 

She has presented at over 25 national and international psychology conferences in the past five years and has been a TEDx speaker. 

Dr. Harris has released her first book, a memoir called: Relaxing into the Pain, My Journey into Grief and Beyond.

Check her out here:

Website:     www.mekelharrisphd.com/

Twitter:       www.Twitter.com/DrMekel

LinkedIn:    www.linkedin.com/in/drmekelharris

Instagram: @drmekel


Profile Psychology Today:       https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/mekel-s-harris-bartlett-tn/712566