Hi, I'm Margo

I have learned to be very strong and nurturing and other times been so confused and sad it was hard to function. Raised in Berkeley, CA I feel lucky that my father made taking good care of one's health seem fun and empowering.


We Can Do It!

I became a personal and group fitness trainer helping my clients realize that exercise can be gentle and effective at any level of fitness, age or type of physical limitation. My clients learn how to listen to the wisdom of their bodies and that a few comfortable moves can help one stay more functional and optimistic.

I experienced a series of personal losses including the deaths of my mother, father, and both my little sister and a romantic partnerĀ  died by suicide. In order to stay safe, keep working and get through these hard times I invented a system of healing called Body Aware Grieving.

Now in her mid-50's

I have blended my 20+ years of experience as a fitness trainer with various practical healing techniques I have used to manage the ups and downs of life. I call this approach to self-care, Body Aware Living.

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Margo's book: Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Caring For Your Health During Sad Times

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