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Upper Body Stress Buster Stretches

Try this simple, comfort- focused 6-minute exercise series to help relax your neck and upper back! Led by fitness trainer Margo Rose.

Body Aware Living Self-Care Tips

Margo Rose offers practical ways we can feel more relaxed and confident. Self-care for our physical and emotional health, even under difficult circumstances. Click on the numbers below to play video at parts that seem most useful to you!

Skillful Self Care Basics

Welcome to the first episode of the Body Aware Living podcast! Margo Rose’s guest is Dr. Barry Rotman. Learning from his 30 years experience of being a doctor, they discuss a wide range of topics including: how caregivers can better prioritize their own wellness, if men and women experience grief, loss and healing differently and how each of us can become more resilient during difficult times if we have the tools we need!

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