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Services and Testimonials

Margo Rose offers coaching and program design in, Body Aware Grieving, Caring For The Caregivers and Functional Fitness (descriptions below) Each of these services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

She is available to work with individuals, small groups, collaborate with content creators, businesses or non-profit organizations and help design healing retreats. Please contact Margo Rose HERE Include a few words about your wellness goals and best times and way to reach you. Most work is currently being done by phone and video chat.

Body Aware Grieving coaching

Utilizes many of the healing tools shared in her book, Body Aware Grieving, A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Caring For Your Health During Sad Times. Get help creating your own Healing Action Plan that suits your own circumstances and personality.

Three of the main goals include:

Injury Reduction— Learning to reduce the likelihood of avoidable accidents and stress related setbacks during times of strong emotion.

Skillful Grieving— Gently exploring ways to approach a difficult loss or life change in ways that feel most supportive and personally consoling.

Renewal and CelebrationDuring and after major transitions it’s important to replenish one’s sense of wellness and joy. New opportunities, needs and skills may be emerging as you build a new phase of life.

Body Aware Grieving client testimonials:

"One of the most useful tools I learned from Margo Rose is taking ‘vacation breathes’. Slow, deep pauses of complete relaxation. “Vacation breathes” were especially helpful when Margo and I were working together during the year after my little sister and beloved mother-in-law passed away."
--Vicki S.
"When others expect me to be “over it” (grief), Margo continues to encourage me to talk about situations triggering the feeling of loss. Margo has suggested healthy responses to encountering someone who was unaware of my spouse’s death which makes social situations less stressful."
--Sharon H.

Caring For The Caregivers

Whether you are a family caregiver, professional caregiver or working in the healing arts it can be challenging to balance your own needs while striving to fulfill responsibilities for the people you are nurturing. 

Margo Rose has extensive experience working with families as they juggle care for senior parents, other family members (and often pets) in need. Feeling overwhelmed, guilty and/or resentful and confused about how to sustain one’s own wellness is common.

In these supportive sessions, Margo helps ask caregivers who are becoming drained and depleted “What makes this easier for me?” With empathy and focus on the well-being of her client, she helps strategize ways to stay  balanced in one’s own self-care despite whatever challenges are present.

Caring For The Caregiver client comments:

"My mother’s voice on the phone finally changed when she noticed I was being calm and sticking to my boundaries. She is starting to understand there are other people she can and will ask for help. Despite my inner fears, it worked out okay, so thank you so much for helping me keep my (outer) boundaries firm; it worked!"
--Anna F.

Functional Fitness

The goal of functional fitness is to create and sustain a level of wellness that allows you to live in a safe, vibrant and confident manner. 

For over 20 years Margo Rose has been working as a personal and small group fitness trainer. Her specialties include: injury reduction, comfort focused fitness, “Do Anywhere Exercises” and senior wellness. Margo Rose has extensive experience working with clients who have a range of health challenges and mobility issues.

Each hour-long workout includes ‘mini-routines’  10-15 minutes long that can be done seated, standing or lying down and in a variety of locations.

Sessions are currently being done via video which can be recorded to create customized exercise videos. Workouts are available for individuals, a client with their caregivers present or you can create your own small group with friends or family members and work out together!

Margo Rose has been certified as both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer for over 22 years.

Functional Fitness client comments:

"Margo has been working with me for a couple of years and I am extremely grateful for her knowledge/expertise, encouragement, patience and sense of humor. It’s been very helpful to choose exercise based on my current energy level, learn about functional fitness, and that everything “counts” as movement, like house cleaning, playing with my grandchildren or simple stretches while working on the computer. I am so fortunate to have her support in changing my attitude about exercise and improving my lifestyle. Thank you, Margo!"
--Vera C.

Self - care does not mean 'Solo - Care'. Seeking out help from kind people, or accepting it when offered, is SELF - CARE..

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