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Margo As Podcast/Radio Guest

Interview with Jill hart - Featuring Margo Rose of Body Aware Living

Switching from my usual role as host of the Body Aware Living Podcast, in this interview I join Jill Hart as a guest on her You World Order Showcase podcast. Together we explore how our individual preferences aren’t just fun – they’re a celebration of freedom and a powerful tool to improve our self-care. 

Our talk includes: 

  • Discovering what helps you feel like your favorite self 
  • Creating long-term wellness by minimizing set backs
  • A fall reduction technique for caregivers and seniors called, 3 Steps to Success 
  • What is “Concierge Coaching”? How mix-and-match services improves care for clients 
  • Why our bodies are an accurate and useful source of information

You can also download and listen the interview here.

Available on Body Aware Living YouTube

Caregiver Chronicles Featuring Margo Rose

Body Aware Living

Sarah interviews Margo Rose, an author, podcast host and personal trainer about functional fitness and caring for your health during times of grief.

Caregiver Chronicles Featuring Margo Rose

It’s Going To Be Okay Again

Sarah interviews Margo Rose from Body Aware Living. They discuss suicide prevention, their own bouts with suicidal thoughts and what actions they took to save themselves.

You can also listen the podcasts from Caregiver Chronicles Google Podcasts

WCN Influencer - Featuring Margo Rose of Body Aware Living

Here is a video of me being interviewed by Christopher MacLellan founder of the Whole Care Network, a community of family caregiver support organizations.
We discuss practical ways to take better care of ourselves, especially when we are juggling caregiving responsibilities. Join us for a huge laugh together the end of this video!

Conversations In Care

Through this simple act, we can create a community of support, develop a course of action and begin to build the bridge to Honest & Compassionate Communication.

Listen The Audio Here

Live True: The Grief Dance

So honored to be a guest interviewed by Lisa Lucca on her KTAL radio show. We had an intimate and uplifting discussion about her mother’s recent passing and ways we can feel “more prepared and less scared” even during important life transitions. Would love to hear what you think in the comment section below and please share with others you feel would be inspired!

Listen The Audio Here

Living In The Time of Covid, Staying Safe

Lisa Lucca and Margo cover a wide range of topics in this interview. Here are show notes if you’d like to choose which parts of this program most suit your needs.

Listen The Audio Here

Margo As Guest Author

Caregiver Space

10 Ways To Help A Person In Grief

Grief and Working For A Living

The End of Regret

Injury Reduction Techniques

Symptoms of Grief

Emotional Pain and Physical Responses


The Last Christmas Present

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