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Prepare to be inspired as we sit down with the dynamic Mayer Wisotsky. Now 90 years old, his zest for life and wisdom shine through as he shares his insights on ways to manage stress and live more joyfully. 

This episode is our second interview with Mayer! It is a treasure trove of practical advice, as we talk about challenging life situations and the power of perspective. Mayer Wisotsky brilliantly highlights the transformative value of life’s tragic moments, reminding us of the power of decision-making even in the face of adversity. With his rich insights and unique perspectives, he offers valuable advice on not just surviving, but thriving at every age! 

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You can also watch the full video on YouTube.

Guest Bio/contact info:

Mayer Wisotsky, ‘The Woodcarver’ and the author of The Legend of the Twilight Owls.

He has worked in every kind of job from factory worker to hospital executive, from teacher to counselor, from actor and director to writer and musician, from salesman to manager, from bricklayer to woodcarver, from entrepreneur to consultant, from paperboy to selling vacuums. He has joined philosophical groups, political groups, religious groups, the military and was the president of a college faculty union. His years of living have given him a huge amount of experience to authentically understand the world. Poetry has been his safety valve. It is the way he can express his understanding of reality in an emotional burst of creativity.

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The Legend of the Twilight Owls

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